The Federal Way Amateur Radio Club
would like the thank the individuals listed below, and the
organizations that they represent for supporting
our club by serving as our guest speakers.
Date Guest Speaker Topic Link
September Dave Funk-WA7RSO Dave talked about Decibels, and then parallel circuits.  This unofficial meeting was held via Zoom.
Our September 10th in-person club meetings were cancelled due to the Federal Way School District
closing the doors of their facilities to outside groups due to the Coronavirus situation.
August Craig Baker-KF7LLA Craig talked about Automatic Packet Reporting System (APRS).  APRS allows you to send out your GPS information out over the air via ham radio, and received by other hams.  This unofficial meeting was held via Zoom.
Our August 13th in-person club meetings were cancelled due to the Federal Way School District closing the doors of their facilities to outside groups due to the Coronavirus situation.
July Mike McCoy-N7VWD Mike provided a quick power point presentation on the history of the Federal Way ARC.  This unofficial meeting was held via Zoom.
Our July 9th in-person club meetings were cancelled due to the Federal Way School District closing the doors of their facilities to outside groups due to the Coronavirus situation.
June   Our June 11th club meetings were cancelled due to the Federal Way School District closing the doors of their facilities to outside groups due to the Coronavirus situation.  
May   Our May 14th club meetings were cancelled due to the Federal Way School District closing the doors of their facilities to outside groups due to the Coronavirus situation.  
April   Our April 9th club meetings were cancelled due to the Federal Way School District closing the doors of their facilities to outside groups due to the Coronavirus situation.  
March   Our March 12th club meetings were cancelled due to the Federal Way School District closing the doors of their facilities to outside groups due to the Coronavirus situation.  
February Dan Camp-AF7O &
Daniel Stevens-KL7WM
Dan Camp-AF7O talked about Logbook of the World (LoTW).  LoTW is a certified electronic contact logging and QSL system.  It does take a few steps to get up and running on LoTW, but are easily competed.    Club President Daniel Stevens-KL7WM also talked about RACES & ARES, and also touched on Digital Mobile Radio (DMR) that is taking hold of the Pacific Northwest.
January Daniel Stevens-KL7WM Daniel talked about building an "Antenna Launcher" made out of PVC pipe.  The antenna launcher shoots out a tennis ball or other object with a line attached.  The line is used to pull up heavier cord and the antenna elements.  Commonly used for putting up dipole antennas.  
December   We cancelled our December 12th club meeting in lieu of a club Christmas dinner.  Carlin-KF7TAX did a great job of smoking a turkey & a couple of prime ribs for the group.  Folks brought their favorite dish, and Mike-N3KPU brought his annual "mystery gift" that was auctioned off to the group later in the evening.  
November Treasurer
Craig Baker-KF7LLA
The proposed 2020 budget was presented to the general membership.  The 2020 budget was approved by those club members in attendance.
Our guest speaker for our November 14th club meeting was Craig Baker-KF7LLA.  Craig talked about Arduino's and Raspberry Pi processors.  He talked about the differences of each, and touched on what is needed to program them and make them work.
FWARC 2020 Budget
October Mark Holt-W7EAZ
Mike McCoy-N7VWD
We had two guest speakers at our October club meeting.  Mark-W7EAZ talked about Narrow Band Emergency Messaging Software (NBEMS), and what equipment is needed to make it all work.  Most of the equipment you probably already have, including a HF radio, sound card interface, and a computer.  Mark also gave a demonstration on what some of the various digital modes look like on the waterfall display and what they sound like on the speaker.
Mike-N7VWD gave an overview of our recent high altitude balloon flight that took place on Labor Day weekend.  The presentation included pictures take by those folks that attended our launch, and video from the three cameras that were onboard during the two hour flight.
September Mike Dinkelman-N7WA Mike talked about Washington State's Salmon Run contest taking place during the weekend of September 21st & 22nd.  The objective of the contest is to contact all 39 counties located within Washington State.
August Daniel Stevens-KL7WM Daniel covered emergency preparedness and listed items for Go-Kits.  
July Daniel Stevens-KL7WM Daniel talked about different types of antennas including half wave dipoles, quarter wave verticals, and folded dipoles.  He also talked on a high level about impedance matching networks.  
May   We really didn't have a scheduled guest speaker for our May 9th club meeting.  We were hoping to count the ballots for our elections, but we didn't have anyone from our elections committee at our general club meeting.  Dave-KC7RRH talked about some of the state of the art technologies that he is using as his company builds a new tele-conference room.  Daniel-KL7WM talked about the progress being made with the DMR repeater system throughout Washington state.  Rich-KC7DZD gave a report on the financial audit that was recently completed.  
April Robert Tykulsker-KM6SO Bob is a member of the King County chapter American Red Cross Disaster Services Technology group and the ARES Emergency Coordinator for the City of Mercer Island.  Bob talked about what the ARC's DST group does during a disaster deployment, his experiences with Winlink, and of some of his deployments to support recovery efforts with Hurricane Michael & Maria.  Bob is always looking for folks to help out with the DST. Volunteer for the ARC
March Mark Holt-W7EAZ Mark talked about antenna modeling using EZNEC software.  Mark has built a number of different types of antennas at his home QTH.  When antenna performance was less than stellar, Mark modeled the antennas in EZNEC and adjusted the values in the model to optimize VSWR and return loss.  He then made adjustments to the physical antenna that he built.  The physical performance of his antenna matched that of the antenna models.
February Eric Arndt-KI7FTR Eric talked about the recent online Arduino Class that he completed through  Eric had a number of projects that he was required to complete with the class.  Some the projects were completed using AutoDesk's TinkerCAD software.  Other projects he completed on an actual breadboard & Arduino Uno.  If you are interested in building Arduino projects, this might be a place to start.
January Chris Smith-NK9W Chris talked about lightning protection, and, yes, there is lightning in the Pacific Northwest.  Chris used to work on two-way radio systems in southern Florida before moving to Federal Way, and has seen the effects of lightning strikes first hand.  Chris then transitioned into talking about the club's new 147.040 Quantar repeater system that was recently installed.
December   We cancelled our December 13th club meeting to take time for ourselves
and enjoy a Christmas Dinner together.
November   We worked on our 2019 budget at our November 8th club meeting.  
September   No guest speaker again in September.  Instead, we took some time to celebrate ourselves.  Club President, Mike-N7VWD passed out a number of awards to people, and we celebrated our 20th Anniversary with some cake and ice cream.  
August   No guest speaker at our August 9th club meeting.  Mike-N7VWD presented a quick power point presentation on Sound Card Interfaces and PSK-31.  After which, we went around the room to see what are some of the modes and bands that everyone is currently using.  
July   No guest speaker at our July 12th club meeting.  We critiqued our Field Day activities that took place on June 23rd & 24th.  We wanted to find out what worked out well for us, and where did we need to improve.  Everyone seemed to enjoy the venue location, the food, and the fellowship.  Everyone seemed to have a good time setting up the antennas and operating on the radios.  Mike-N7VWD also talked about the Propagation web pages and what they have to offer to our operators.
June Mike Ritz-W7VO Mike is running for the ARRL Northwestern Division director's position in the upcoming ARRL elections in October.  Mike talked about why he is interested in becoming the Northwestern director.  Afterwards, Ray Jaggers-KI7CWX talked about our upcoming Field Day activities (see below for more details).
May   We didn't have a guest speaker at our May 10th club meeting.  Instead we concluded our election process and received the last of any remaining outstanding ballots, and counted them up and announced the results.  While we were waiting for the ballots to be counted, we talked about what we are going to be doing for our upcoming Field Day 2018 activities.  Nick-N7QOR also talked about the recent Treasurer's audit.  
April John McLaren-KC7MIC John is a NASA Solar System Ambassador, and president of the Seattle Astronomical Society.  NASA's Solar System Ambassadors program works with motivated volunteers across the nation to share the latest science and discoveries of NASA's space exploration missions through a variety of events that inspire their communities.  John talked about Solar Exploration starting in the early days of modern man to present with all of our modern technology. John talked about some NASA missions to explore the sun and of future missions.  In closing, John was able to show how NASA's ongoing collection of information of the sun feeds many of the solar wind & propagation web sites.  NASA Solar System Ambassador Program
Seattle Astronomical Society
Solar Winds & HF Propagation
March Rob Chatham-AF7PR Rob is a returning guest speaker talking about Digital Mobile Radio (DMR).  Rob highlighted the DMR network in Washington state, some of the equipment that is installed at the various repeater sites, and what it takes to get on the air with DMR.  For more details on DMR, including the various talk groups available, please visit the PNWTRBO web site.
February   We didn't have a guest speaker for our February 8th club meeting.  Instead, we held an auction to liquidate of the donated ham radio equipment the FWARC has received over the past couple of year.  We exceeded our goal for the auction by 20 percent.   
January Dan Camp-AF7O We didn't have a guest speaker for our January 11th club meeting.  Instead, we had movie night.  Dan-AF7O presented a video of the 2009 K4M DX'pedition to Midway Island.  The video shows some of the remaining structures from the WW-II naval station, some of the efforts to restore the island & eradicate some of the invasive species.  The video also shows some of the operating positions for the dxpedition.  Many thanks to Dan for providing this video at the very last minute.
December   No club meeting for December 14th.  Instead we had a Christmas Dinner.  
November Club Treasurer For our November 9th club meeting, the club treasurer presented the proposed 2018 budget to those club members in attendance.  The club's proposed was accepted by a unanimous vote.  
October Angus Kerr Angus was one of the two hikers who found our downed high altitude balloon that came down near the Pacific Crest Trail in the North Cascades.   Angus joined us from Wenatchee through a two way virtual video connection.  Angus gave us a rundown on what it took to find our balloon and what it took to recover our payload bay containing our ham radio gear and other electronics.  We were able ask Angus some questions about his adventures, and he was able to ask us questions as well.  After we let him go, we played some of the video we captured with our two GoPro type cameras.
September Mark Holtz-W7EAZ Mark talked about Software Defined Radios (SDR) and progression from heterodyned radios to direction conversion SDR's.  Mark also gave a demonstration of this SDR radio and some open source software to process the incoming signals.  After Mark's presentation, we did a quick "Show N Tell" of some of the SDR radios that our club members are currently using.
August Michael Sealfon-WA2OCG Michael talked about how he got involved in contesting and why he enjoys it so much.  Contesting has its roots in emergency communications as a way to practice passing detailed information between stations.  After Michael's presentation, we highlighted some of the details of our 7/15/2017 balloon launch, which included pictures and other graphics.
July Jeremy Smithson
Puget Sound Solar
Jeremy talked about how he got interested in solar energy, some of the different types of solar cells, and the cost savings & tax incentives available for installing a new solar energy system.  Jeremy also touched on solar hot water systems and about the upcoming Northwest Solar Festival in Shoreline on Saturday July 22nd. Puget Sound Solar
June   We completed our long election process and announced the results.  We talked about our upcoming Field Day activities taking place on June 24th, and other upcoming events & activities.   
May Mike McCoy-N7VWD We didn't have a guest speaker for our May 8th club meeting.  Club Treasurer Craig Davis-KE7MPM talked about the club's great financial situation and Nick Sutton-N7QOR talked about the recent Treasurer's audit.  Daniel Stevens-KL7WM presented the results of the club's election.  Afterwards, Club President talked about some of the recent and upcoming projects including a microwave shot to bring internet to the club's 147.040 repeater site, and the upcoming High Altitude Balloon launch.  We also discussed some ideas to support new hams in the FW area.  
April Bob Johnson-W7LRD

Bob talked about the AMSAT organization and ham radio satellite operations.  Bob talked about some of the history of amateur satellite and the equipment needed for satellite ops.
March Mike McCoy-N7VWD Mike talked about amplitude modulation (AM), frequency modulation (FM), and single sideband modulation.  Mike also touched on the effects of under & over modulation and how to prevent over modulation using your Automatic Limit Control (ALC) meter and mic gain adjustment.  

The guest speakers for our February 9th club meeting were a trio of students from the Federal Way Public School District's Technology Access Foundation (TAF) Academy.  The TAF Academy is a 6th to 12th grade STEM-focused public school co-managed by Federal Way Public Schools and Technology Access Foundation. The academy provides a rigorous and relevant learning environment rooted in project-based learning practices for today’s college-bound students.  Led by their teacher Sam Riser (KI7JXS), the three eighth graders presented their award-winning ham radio-based project on how the length and material of an antenna affects a transmitter’s signal strength.  Many thanks to club's own Ellen (KE7MPN) and Craig (KE7MPM) for providing technical guidance to the girls.
January   Our program for our January 12th club meeting was "Movie Night".  Dan-AF7O presented a video of the World Radiosport Team Championship (WRTC) 2014 which took place in the Boston, MA area on July 8-14, 2014. The WRTC is a competition between two-person teams of amateur radio operators testing their skills to make contacts with other Amateur Radio operators around the world over a 24 hour period.  All teams use identical antennas from the same geographic region, eliminating all variables except operating ability. WRTC2014 included 59 competing teams from 29 qualifying regions around the world. Competitors represented 38 different countries.
December   We cancelled our December 8th club meeting so that we could get together for our annual Christmas party at the Poverty Bay Cafe in Federal Way.  We had good food, great eyeball-to-eyeball QSO's and yummy pies for dessert. Many thanks to Mike Ping for donating two mystery gifts to the club to be auctioned off that evening.  Many thanks to Daniel Stevens & Rick Gilbert for their winning bids on these two mystery items.  Unfortunately, we ran out of time and didn't get a chance to play Radio Twister.  We will resume our monthly club meetings on Thursday January 12th, 2017.  See you again next year! Poverty Bay Cafe
November Rick Gilbert-KG7JBV & Dave Swartz-KC7RRH

Club Treasurer Rick Gilbert-KG7JBV.  Rick presented the proposed 2017 budget to both the Board of Trustees and to the club membership at our general club meeting.  The proposed budget was accepted by the BOT and approved by the club membership.  After the presentation of the budget, Dave Swartz-KC7RRH talked about FM Theory & Repeater Operations.

October Daniel Stevens-KL7WM, &
Dave Swartz-KC7RRH. 
With the impending storm that is thought to arrive the weekend following our October club meeting, we reviewed some of our ECRT material.  Daniel quickly reviewed some of the lingo.  Dave provided copies of the King & Pierce Counties frequency plans.  Afterwards, everyone broke up into groups and assembled & operated the club's three VHF/UHF Go Kits.  
September Mike McCoy-N7VWD Mike did a quick review of what we talked about last month, which was the VOACAP Propagation Prediction web pages.  After the review, Mike demonstrated one of many DX Cluster spotting networks, the PSK Reporter web site, eQSL electronic QSL cards, and Global QSL web site.  The DX Cluster allows hams to send out notifications on the spotting network of DX stations.  The PSK Reported web site shows who is hearing who while operating on many of the digital modes.  The web site is one of the many ways to confirm QSO's with other hams electronically.  Others include Logbook Of The World, and  The Global QSL web site allows you to design your own QSL card and upload your card and contact logs to their server and Global QSL will send out your QSL cards for you. DX Cluster
PSK Reporter
Global QSL
August Mike McCoy-N7VWD Mike talked about the Maidenhead Locator System (aka grid square system), highlighted a new club web page, and demonstrated the Voice Of America's Coverage Analysis Program (VOACAP).  The grid square system allows hams to pass along their approximate location in four or six characters.  The new club web pages shows UTC & local time clocks, when our time changes take place, and an idea of current propagation conditions for Seattle.  The links to the VOACAP web pages displays various propagation models, including point-to-point models, and propagation for upcoming DXpeditions. Seattle Propagation Prediction
July Dave Funk-WA7RSO Dave talked about the one of the "Dilemmas of Ham Radio".  He covered the characteristic impedance of transmission line, and what makes 50 ohm coaxial cable 50 ohm.  He also sparked on impedance reactance & capacitive reactance and power transference.  Dave is a former club member and an educator for the Puyallup school district for many years.  Dave also hosts a technical website called:
June Dave Swartz-KC7RRH With the recent elections, new club President Mike McCoy-N7VWD held an open forum facilitated by Dave-KC7RRH.  We wanted to get a feel of where the interests of the club members may lie.  Hopefully, the information obtained during the forum will spark ideas of future guest speakers and guide the club for the year to come.  Additionally, Dave-KC7RRH provided a high level overview of the Winlink system.  
May No Guest Speaker We didn't have a guest speaker at our May 12th club meeting.  Our May meeting brought to conclusion our election process.  While the votes were being counted, we went around the room and those in attendance talked about what what got them interested in ham radio & their interest in ham radio today.  We also talked about some of the upcoming activities that are on the horizon.  
April Mike McMullen
Seafair Emergency Management
Mike serves as the training officer.  Mike talked of  the various Seafair events that take place throughout the year, and of their volunteer positions available.  Mike also talked about the planning for those Seattle Seafair events which takes place throughout the year.  Mike was impressed with our group's knowledge of Incident Command System (ICS).  Seafair is always looking for volunteers to support events all through the year. Seafair Volunteer Registration
March Daniel Stevens-KL7WM Daniel talked about the upcoming Cascadia Rising functional exercise taking place in June.  The exercise scenario calls for 8.0 to 9.0 magnitude earthquake taking place along the Cascadia Subduction Zone located off the Washington/Oregon coast.  With a ground shake lasting up to five minutes, and a tsunami of up to eighty feet in height, most of the state's transportation and communication infrastructure will be disabled.  The amateur radio community will support the effective coordination and integration of governments at all levels cities, counties, state agencies, federal officials, the military, tribal nations as well as non-government organizations and the private sector.  One of the primary goals of Cascadia Rising is to train and test this whole community approach to complex disaster operations together as a joint team.
February Daniel-KL7WM, Dave-KC7RRH, and Craig-KF7LLA Daniel talked about the upcoming club elections and the upcoming Mike & Key Flea Market taking place at the Western Washington Fairgrounds in Puyallup on March 5th.  Dave & Craig talked about the changing taking place with the 147.040 & 442.950 repeaters.  Bill-KL7BB mentioned his 40 meter QRP transceiver build in Auburn on February 27th. Yaesu System Fusion
January LW Abel-K7LWA LW talked about the Western Intertie Network and the nightly Insomniac Net. The WIN System is a series of 71 IRLP linked, or Intertied repeaters which covers 16 States, and several countries. The WIN System is owned and operated by Shorty-K6JSI. The WIN System is an OPEN Repeater system and all hams are encouraged to stop in and get acquainted. The Insomniac Net is a social net and starts at 11pm Pacific time on the WIN system. Each evening, a series of questions are presented to the network. During check-in, participates provide their answers to the questions. Towards the end of the Net, a talley of all the answers are presented back to the Net. Western Intertie Network

Insomniac Net
December   Our December 10th club meeting was cancelled in lieu of a Christmas dinner held at the Poverty Bay Cafe' in Federal Way.  Dinner was scrumptious with lasagna, garlic bread and a green salad. The pies for desert were outstanding, apple, pumpkin and berry. Many thanks to Craig & Ellen for organizing this event, and to Mike Ping for graciously donating a mystery gift for an impromptu auction towards the end our event. Hope to see you again next year!  Our monthly meetings will resume on January 14th, 2016!  
November Craig Baker-KF7LLA
and Dave Swartz-KC7RRH
Craig talked about work taking place on the club's Icom DSTAR repeaters located at the Federal Way Community Center and at the Graham Hill site located south of Puyallup.  Dave talked about the progress being made to get the club's new Yaesu Fusion digital repeaters on the air.  The Fusion digital repeaters will replace our aging 147.040 & 442.950 analog repeaters. Icom DSTAR

Yaesu Fusion
October Roland Brasch-K7RWB Roland is a volunteer to the American Red Cross's Disaster Service Technology (DST) team in King and Kitsap counties.  The DST provides technical support to setting up the Red Cross's facilities at a disaster site.  Roland was involved with setting up shelters during the wildfires in Eastern Washington.  He also gave a photo tour of one of the emergency response communications trailers that was transported to Wenatchee with two our club members, Dave Swartz & Bob Rutherford. American Red Cross Disaster Service Technology
September Marty Grisham Martin is the City of Tukwila's Emergency Manager and served at an area commander for the recent Okanagan Complex Wildfires.  Martin gave overview of how the emergency operation center (EOC) was organized and what some were some of the challenges faced during the fires.  Martin also show pictures that he had taken showing the effects of the fire.  


Bob Chatham-AF7PR

Bob talked about yet another digital repeater system operating in the Puget Sound area and the nation.  The DMR for Hams is based on the Digital Mobile Radio (DMR)  open digital mobile radio standard defined by a European Telecommunications Standards Institute (ETSI) Standard  and used in commercial radio products used around the world.  The DMR system uses talk groups to limit communications to local, regional, national or international areas.


Mike McCoy-N7VWD

Mike is organizing a project to launch a high altitude balloon.  Mike talked about the federal regulations associated with the balloon launch, some of the challenges that need to be worked on, and highlighted a short To-Do list.  Anticipated launch date is late May 2016.

June Dave Swartz-KC7RRH
Bob Rutherford-KE7UUU
Our June 11th guest speakers were the FWARC's own Dave Swartz-KC7RRH and Bob Rutherford-KE7UUU.  To kick things off Dave gave a quick overview of the club's extensive system of repeaters.  He then talked about a proposal to replace the club's aging repeaters with the new Yaesu Fusion repeater system, which was approved earlier by the Board of Trustees.  The proposal was presented and also approved by the membership in attendance to purchase three new Yaesu Fusion repeaters.  Thereafter, Bob presented the overview of each of the club's repeaters coverage area utilizing the RadioMobile path propagation program. Yaesu Fusion Digital System
May Monte Simpson-AF7PQ Monte is the ARRL Western Washington Section Manager and the Washington State RACES Officer.  Monte is also on the planning committee for an upcoming state wide exercise called "Cascadia Rising".  In the scenario, a 9.0 magnitude earthquake occurs off of the Washington-Oregon coast.  The resulting earthquake damage & tsunamis decimates the coast line and causes major damage throughout western Washington and the I-5 corridor.  Amateur radio operators have the opportunity to participate in exercise, passing radio traffic between city, county, and regional Emergency Operations Centers (EOC).  The Cascadia Rising exercise is scheduled to take place in June 2016. Cascadia Rising
April Dan Camp-AF7O Dan talked about Linux in the Ham Shack.  Dan covered the various versions of Linux, how to get Linux installed on your computer, and where to find software to install on your new Linux machine.  Dan regularly uses Linux for logging his ham radio contacts, making PSK-31 contacts, and his replacement for MS Office. Linux
March Daniel Stevens-KL7WM Daniel talked about some of the weak signal software written by Joe Taylor-K1JT.  WSJT, MAP65, WSPR, and WSJT-X are open-source programs designed for weak-signal digital communication by amateur radio.  Normal usage requires a standard SSB transceiver and a personal computer with soundcard.  Each of these software titles decode audio signals well below the noise level. WSJT Home Page
February Curt Black-WR5J Curt talked about (ham radio) station automation, highlighting some of the hardware and software available to control your station, including sound card interfaces such as the Tigertronics Signalink and the Timewave Navigator, and software such as Ham Radio Deluxe and DXLab.  Websites like the Reverse Beacon Network, Clublog, and WSPRnet were also mentioned by Curt.  
January Craig Baker-KF7LLA Craig is the FWARC's Digital Communications Group (DCG) chairperson and highlighted some activities the DCG is working on.  This includes DSTAR & the various ways club members can get active in DSTAR.  He also covered some of the advancements of the club's Mesh Networking efforts.  Prior to Craig taking the floor, Repeater Committee chairperson Dave Swartz-KC7RRH talked about the current outage effecting the club's 147.040 repeater.  Club President Daniel Stevens-KL7WM presented a proposed budget increase recommended by the Board of Trustees to the club's membership to fund the repairs to the 147.040 repeater.  The budget increase was accepted by the membership in attendance.  
December   For our December 11th club meeting, we held a club Christmas Dinner at the
Black Bear Diner in Federal Way. 
Looking forward to seeing you during the new year!
November   We really didn't have a guest speaker at our November 13th's club meeting.  Club Treasurer Craig Davis-KE7MPM presented the 2015 budget to the membership.  After a quick Q&A session, the club members in attendance approved the budget.  Dan Camp-AF7O presented a video of a DXpedition to the South Sandwich Islands.  
October Dustin Lomax, KF7FK.  Dustin talked about and gave a demonstration of FLDIGI program.  FLDIGI supports most of the digital modes used by radio amateurs. FLDIGI utilizes a sound card interface to input/output audio-frequency signals to/from your computer and transceiver, while also controlling the radio using serial port connections.  All the popular modes are supported, including FM, AMS, LSB, RTTY, MFSK16, DominoEX, MFSK, Throb, Hell, Olivia, CW and PSK. FLDIGI program
September Kris Nelsen-KC7LCX Kris is an avid hiker and enjoys backpacking along many of the trails in the Cascades.  Kris talked about some of the portable antennas that he uses as he explores the Pacific Northwest and the airwaves at the same time.  Additionally, other club members brought in some of their portable antenna that they made out of materials available at the local hardware store.  
August Frank Sebastian-K7FNS Frank is a FWARC club member & the director of the Emergency Management Group for Seattle's Seafair.  Frank gave a quick overview of Seafair and some of its official events.  Frank also covered some of the quick planning associated with the Seattle Seahawks Super Bowl parade. Seafair Volunteer Oppurtunties
July Daniel Stevens-KL7WM Daniel talked about our recent field day activities that took place in late June.  Covered some of the new training materials he is using for his training classes.  He also discussed ham radio involvement with Seattle's upcoming Seafair, and highlighted what DRATS is all about.  
June Monte Simpson-K2MLS Monte highlighted some of his responsibilities as the section manager and some of the programs that his leadership is involved with.  These included the Official Observer program, Affiliated Club program, and the Technical Specialist & Interference Committee programs.  As the Washington State RACES officer, Monte gave a quick brief on amateur radio response to the Oso landslide.  Monte opened the floor to questions & comments. ARRL Western Washington Section
May Michael Richardson-K7YXA
Dick Lundstrom-W7INK
Dick Noe-KD5HXE
At our May 8th club meeting we had a couple of guest speakers talk to the group.  First up was Michael Richardson-K7YXA.  Michael talked about his Toyota Prius hybrid vehicle and how it all works on the road.  Next up was Dick Lundstrom-W7INK, and he talked about his brand new Icom ID-5100A DSTAR enabled radio.  Dick's new radio includes features such as dual band, dual receiver VFOs, built-in GPS, and links to an android smart phone through Bluetooth.  At the end of the meeting, Dick Noe-KD5HXE presented the long awaited elections results. Icom ID-5100A
April Mike McCoy-N7VWD & Bill Balzarini-KL7BB At our April 10th general club meeting, we held a "Spring Cleaning" auction to liquidate a number of items that were received as donations.  Items included old ham radio books, test equipment, CW keys, handheld radios, a general coverage receiver and a mature Kenwood transceiver.  The auction netted the club over $700.  Additionally, Bill Balzarini-KL7BB, provided a tribute to his good buddy Wilse Morgan-WX7P.  Wilse received a number of awards throughout the years.  Wilse encouraged new hams to get active on the air by inviting them over to his QTH and letting them operate his equipment.  
March Jim Pace-K7CEX Jim is the ARRL Northwest Division Director.  Jim presented at quick video of the 100 year anniversary of the ARRL.  Jim talked about the NW division's efforts to raise money for scholarships, and the Spectrum Defense Fund.  He also held a short question & answer session fielding questions for the club's membership in attendance. ARRL NW Division
February Grant Hopper-KD7WSD Grant enjoys the outdoors.  He especially enjoys operating ham radio outdoors.  Grant uses a Buddiepole antenna system for all of his backpacking and portable ham radio operations.  He gave a review of the parts and materials that came with his Buddiepole antenna, and displayed some of the many configurations of which the Buddiepole antenna can be setup.  Grant's antenna operates from 40 meters up to 2 meters.
January Mike McCoy-N7VWD Our guest speaker for our January 9th club meeting was the FWARC's very own Mike McCoy-N7VWD.  Mike talked in depth on PSK-31 & Sound Card Operations.  Mike touched on what PSK-31 is and what equipment is needed to get on the air with this digital mode of communications.  He also touch on some hints & tricks to make your PSK-31 experience a success.
December   No Club Meeting in December.
Held our Christmas Party instead.
November Bob & Eiko Richardson Bob & Eiko Richardson are impendent consultants for THRIVE dehydrated food system.  Bob talked about emergency preparedness and the importance of having enough emergency supplies on hand when the big one hits.  Eiko passed out samples of dehydrated corn, pineapple, strawberries, and a chicken salad made from their dehydrated ingredients.  (Very good and even my kids ate it and liked it.)  Bob also highlighted some of his other preparedness items, including first aid kits & water filtration systems that are available through his website. UltimatePrep

Thrive For Life
October   We celebrated our 15th anniversary at our October 10th club meeting with cake & ice cream.  We reminisced about some of the early days where meetings were held at Round Table Pizza and the Sunrise Methodist Church in Federal Way.  We also talked about some of the many successes and support that we have had over the years.  To finish it off club president Daniel Stevens-KL7WM presented a video of the 2007 BS7H DXpedition to the Scarborough Reef located in the South China Sea.  
September Curt Black-WR5J Curt talked about the upcoming Tucson Amateur Packet Radio (TAPR) Digital Communications Conference (DCC) being held on September 20th & 21st in Seatac, WA.  We also touched on some of the special event stations taking place on the air, and Tom Stevens-KE7ZMJ continues to pass out certificates of participation for helping out with the two fun runs that have taken place recently in Federal Way. TAPR Digital Comms Conference
August Daniel Stevens-KL7WM Daniel touched on a number of topics.  First was the Ride Around Mount Rainier in One Day (RAMROD) bicycle ride that took place in July.  Ham radio resources were used to keep track the multitude of bicycle riders for this annual event.  Daniel then touched on the progress made on the installation of the new Graham Hill D-STAR repeater.  Daniel then turned it over to Dan Camp-AF7O who covered the club's HF Go-Kit.  The kit includes a Kenwood TS-570S HF transceiver, Pactor HF modem, antenna items, and switching power supply.  Daniel finalized with announcing some of the upcoming hamfests and conferences in the area.  
July Anna Balzarini-KD7TAB Our guest speaker for July 11th club meeting was Anna Balzarini-KD7TAB.  Anna recently returned from Italy having spend the school year in Milam as a foreign exchange student.  Anna presented some of her travel photos and touched on operating as a ham in Italy.  
June Bill Balzarini-KL7BB Bill talked about the Flexradio's SDR-6000 software defined radio.  A SDR is a radio communication system where hardware controls for volume, squelch, tuning, and mode have been replaced with soft controls defined by software running on a personal computer.  One of the neat things about SDR radios is that they can easily controlled over an internet link. FlexRadio Systems Flex-6000
May Frank Sebastian-K7FNS Frank is a FWARC club member & the director of the Emergency Management Group for Seattle's Seafair.  Frank gave a quick overview of Seafair and some of its official events.  Frank then covered more in depth of how the 5,000 plus volunteers are organized to support all of the Seafair events.  Additionally, Lincoln Chambers-KF7BNZ presented a quick little tool to make out of an orange juice container to get the oil back into your Honda EU-2000 generator to complete your oil change.  We also completed our 2013-14 election process. Seafair Volunteer Oppurtunties
April   Our next regularly scheduled club meetings will take place on April 11th.  The FWARC meets on the second Thursday of the month. FWARC.ORG
March Keith Hughes of West Seattle Natural Energy Keith gave us that latest run down on what's new in solar & wind energy technology, and touched on solar heating.  Did you know PV solar panels produce more electricity in Alaska than in Arizona? West Seattle Natural Energy
February   We met for the first time in our new venue, the Federal Way Public Schools Support Services Center.  This is a beautiful new facility and lots of room for us to grow.  During the club meeting we talked about Field Day 2013 once again, mesh networks and D-STAR. FWPS SSC
January   During our January 10th club meeting we covered a number of proposed changes to the club's bylaws, upon which after an unanimous vote, the bylaws changes were accepted.  We also talked quickly about Field Day 2013, and Dave Swartz presented information on D-RATS.  Lots of new faces at this month's meetings.  
December   December's club meetings were cancelled in leu of our Christmas party scheduled for Sunday December 16th.  
November Dan Camp-AF7O & Craig Davis-KE7MPM Dan talked again about ARRL's Logbook To The World (LotW), and highlighted each of the details the need to be completed to get up & running with Logbook of the World.  Additionally, Craig Davis-KE7MPM presented to the club's 2013 budget to general membership.  The 2013 budget was unanimously approved by those in attendance of the general club meeting.
October Dave Swartz-KC7RRH, Daniel Stevens-KL7WM, & Emil Oana-K6LGI Guest speaker for the October club meeting was Dave Swartz with Daniel Stevens and Emil Oana assisting.  We discussed HF Radio Propagation modeling using software.  The software discussed and demoed include Ham CAP, ICEPAC ,and VOACAP.  
September Bart Kus-AE7SJ Bart talked about an amateur radio wide area meshed network project he is proposing in the Puget Sound area.  He is calling it the Puget Sound Data Ring and will provide IP based services to the ham shack.  Services could include internet phone service, shack remote control, digital video, just to name a few.  For more information on the PSDR, please visit Bart's website.
August Dave Swartz-KC7RRH Dave gave a quick overview on the history and features of the Ham Radio Deluxe software package.  HRD is the Swiss army knife of software for amateur radio operators.  The five modules include: rig control, antenna rotor control, logging, satellite tracking, and digital communications.
July Dave Swartz-KC7RRH Dave took us all outside in the beautiful summer weather and we all helped out to build a 80 meter inverted V antenna for one of the club's GoKits.  This event also provided an opportunity to raise one of the club's new antenna masts and use the club's antenna analyzer to tune the antenna.
June Dave Swartz-KC7RRH Dave wanted to get a feel from the club members in which direction the club should take in the coming year and what activities would be most well received by our members.
May L.W. Abel-K7LWA LW talked about how your amateur radio communications skills can help out with your personal communications skills.  
April Jerry Taylor-KD0BIK Jerry joined us from Denver, CO via a Skype video internet connection.  Jerry talked about the Summits On The Air (SOTA) program, highlighting some of the basic rules, how points are awarded, and some of the awards that can be earned.  SOTA is an award scheme for radio amateurs and shortwave listeners that encourages portable operation in mountainous areas.
March Bob Johnson-W7LRD Bob is the Washington state area coordinator for AMSAT.  AMSAT, short for Radio Amateur Satellite Corporation, is the lead organization for the amateur satellite service where ham radio operators use satellites orbiting the earth to complete their QSOs.  Bob talked about the various type of of "birds" in orbit around the earth, the different modes of operation, and touched on the equipment needed to make QSO through these birds.
February Alexis Beard
Federal Way Public Academy
Alexis with the Federal Way Public Academy located on 9th Ave South just north of 348th Street.  Alexis is an instructor at the Public Academy and talked about their recent participation in the 2011 Marine Advanced Technology Education Center's underwater Remote Operated Vehicle (ROV) competition held at the King County Aquatic Center in December 2011.  His group, the FWPS Pirates, placed 8th out of 24 teams completing the completion.  Alexis & the FWPS Pirates will be back this year at the May 12th, 2012 competition. MATE ROV Competition
January Movie Night Our January 12th club meeting was movie night.  The main feature was a video of the VP8THU South Sandwich Islands DXpedition of January 2002.  Members of the DXpedition had to endure seasickness, a difficult offload of equipment, freezing temperatures, and thousands of penguins during the team's short stay on the islands.  Using four stations with only 100 watts, the team made over 27,000 contacts during the DXpedition. VP8THU DXpedition
December Dave Asahara
Oriental Garden Center in Federal Way
Dave talked about the "Care and Feeding of Small Generators" and presented a power point presentation highlighting the Honda generator series.  The Oriental Garden Center is located on Pacific Highway at South 308th Street (across the street from Federal Way High School.  The Oriental Garden Center is a Honda sales & service center and carries the very popular Honda EU2000i generator. Oriental Garden Center
November Mike McCoy-N7VWD
Club Treasurer
Club treasurer Mike McCoy-N7VWD presented the club's budget for 2012.  After the presentation of the proposed budget, a quick question & answer session followed.  The 2012 budget was approved by all members in attendance at the club meeting. Approved 2012 Budget can be found the Members' Only area of the club's website.
October Dan Camp-AF7O Club president, Dan Camp-AF7O, talked about Ham Radio & The Internet.  Topics included how hams are using social networking such as Twitter, Facebook, and blogs to stay in touch with other hams.  How to use YouTube to learn about the various facets of amateur radio.  Dan also touched on online DX reporting.  
September No Guest Speaker At our September 8th club meeting, we had "Show N Tell" night.  Dick-KD5HXE showed off his 40 meter PSK QRP rig he build from a kit.  Dan-AF7O showed off his sling shot with fish reel attached which allows him to shoot a line up into a tree then pull up the radiating elements of a dipole antenna.  Dan also showed off the club's portable D-STAR station which include transceivers for 2 meters, 70 centimeters, and 1.2 ghz.  Bill-KL7BB provided theory on converting a yagi antenna for CW use.  
August No Guest Speaker At our August 11th club meeting, we had no guest speaker.  Instead, we ventured up & out at the Federal Way City Hall to reinstall the various VHF antennas up on the roof.  The antennas were taken down to facilitate maintenance to the building's air conditioning units. Federal Way Emergency Management
July Dan Camp-AF7O At our July 14th club meeting, we ventured a little bit away from ham radio, but continued to talk about high tech fun.  Dan Camp-AF7O talked about Geocaching and how one uses GPS receivers or possibly a smart phone to find hidden treasurers located around the area & around the world.  These GPS receivers can be the same ones used for ham radio's Automatic Packet Reporting System (APRS).
June Dan Camp-AF7O and
Bob Rutherford-KE7UUU
At our June 9th club meeting, we talked about our upcoming Field Day activities taking place at Lakota Park on Saturday June 25th.  Bob Rutherford also covered the final draft of the new ECRT patch which will be displayed on the new safety vests.  
May Joe Decuir Joe is a member of the Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineers, Inc. and talked about Bluetooth and Bluetooth Low Power.
April Bill Balzarini-KL7BB
Dave Swartz-KC7RRH
Bob Rutherford-KE7UUU
We had several folks presenting at our April 14th club meeting.  Bill Balzarini-KL7BB made a presentation showing before & after Google Earth photos of the recent earthquake in Japan.  Dave Swartz-KC7RRH showed off one of the three new VHF/UHF "Go Kits" bringing our second EMPAG funded project to a close.  Bob Rutherford-KE7UUU presented a number of logos for consideration for placement on ECRT safety vests.  
March Curt Black-WR5J Curt is a member of the Puget Sound Digital Hams group, and president of the West Seattle ARC.  Curt gave on overview of FLDIGI, a multimode software suite for operating the various digital modes through a sound card interface.  Modes include PSK31, RTTY, MFSK16, and a bunch of other modes.  Curt highlighted when using digital communications would provide higher throughput of information verses a voice net.
February Club Leadership At our February 10th club meeting club officers and committee chairs gave an overview of the accomplishments achieved over the past year and some of the goals for the upcoming year. FWARC
January Jim Pace-K7CEX Jim Pace-K7CEX was our guest speaker at our January 13th club meeting.  Jim is the ARRL's Western Washington section manager.  Jim talked about about some of the programs being promoted by the ARRL, and some of the e-mail reflectors available in the members' only area of the ARRL web site. ARRL Western Washington Section
December Dan Camp-AF7O Club president Dan Camp-AF7O presented a video of the 2007 BS7H DXpedition to the Scarborough Reef located in the South China Sea.  With only a handful of rocks sticking out of the water at high tide, 16 ham radio operators made over 45 thousand QSOs during the four days that the DXpedition was on the air.
November Dan Camp-AF7O & Mike McCoy-N7VWD No scheduled guest speaker at our November 11th club meeting.  Club president Dan Camp-AF7O & club treasurer Mike McCoy-N7VWD presented the proposed 2011 budget to the club's membership.  The proposed 2011 budget was accept unanimously. FWARC 2011 Budget is available in the Member's Only area of the web site.
October Dave Funk-WA7RSO Dave talked about tuning antennas, specifically, gamma matches, and demonstrated his two antenna analyzers.
September Dan Camp-AF7O Dan talked about QSL Bureaus.  Dan covered the difference between incoming QSL bureaus and the outgoing QSL bureau, when to use them, and when not to use them. Seventh Area Incoming QSL Bureau
ARRL Outgoing QSL Bureau
August Dan Camp-AF7O Club president Dan Camp-AF7O held a round table session inquiring what club members would like for guest speakers, and programs for the club in the coming months.  
July Rick Young-KF4ZEN Rick Young-KF4ZEN is out in the pacific northwest this week to do some research on a HF QRP project he is working on for emergency management.  Rick was able to do a quick show-n-tell with some of the software driven radios he is working with.  
June Keith Hughes
West Seattle Natural Energy
Keith Hughs of West Seattle Natural Energy talked about the different type of wind generators including Horizontal Wind Turbines and Vertical Axis Wind Turbines.  Keith also covered solar panels and some of the incentives being offered to install solar panels.  West Seattle Natural Energy will be joining us for Field Day in Federal Way on June 26th and will be providing us power for our natural powered radio station. West Seattle Natural Energy
May Steve McKeen-W7QLO
Kris Nelsen-KE7LCX
Steve McKeen-W7QLO introduced himself to our group.  Steve is the newly appointed ARRL Section Emergency Coordinator for Western Washington.  We had "Show & Tell" in regards to Go-Kits.  Kris Nelsen-KE7LCX caught everyone's attention with his Go-Kit & all of the cool goodies he had within.  Craig Davis-KE7MPM gave an update on Field Day in Federal Way taking place on June 26th at Lakota Park, The results of our annual club elections were announced at the end of the club meeting.  
April Ralph Javins-N7KGA Ralph is a former member of the FWARC, and talked about the Salvation Army Team Emergency Radio Network (SATERN) and their efforts to support disaster recovery efforts around the world.  SATERN is currently supporting the Haiti & Chilean earthquakes.  Ralph also touched on some of the equipment he has in his "Go Kit". Salvation Army Team Emergency Radio Network
March Dave Swartz-KC7RRH
Craig Davis-KE7MPM
Bill Balzarini-KL7BB
We really didn't have a formal guest speaker at our March 11th club meeting.  Dave Swartz-KC7RRH talked about the progress of the D-STAR repeater project going in at the Federal Way community center.  Craig Davis-KE7MPM, our 2010 Field Day coordinator talked about the FD2010 committee.  And Bill Balzarini-KL7BB, gave some insight on how "Vertical Columns of Water", aka trees effect our antenna systems.  
February Pete Kruml-N7KFJ Our guest speaker for our February 11th club meeting was Pete talked about the K7MMI repeater system located up on Cougar Mountain and other locations, and the acquisition of the 2 meter portion of the K7PP repeater system located throughout western Washington, as well as the working taking place to merge these two systems together.
January Dave Swartz-KC7RRH Dave Swartz-KC7RRH, our club repeater chairperson, talked about the upcoming work parties for the D-STAR repeater project at the Federal Way Community Center.  Upcoming work parties include pulling coaxial cable and mounting the antennas at the community center, as well as putting all of the components together in the two equipment cabinets. FWARC D-STAR Repeater
December Mike McCoy-N7VWD & Dave Swartz-KC7RRH Mike, our club treasurer presented the proposed budget for 2010 to the Board of Trustees, and then to the membership in attendance at the December 10th club meetings.  The 2010 budget was unanimously approved by all members present.  Club president Dave Swartz-KC7RRH gave an overview of the ongoing project to move the club's D-STAR repeater to the Federal Way Community Center. 2010 FWARC Budget
November Matt Hickey-W7TFD Matt is a member of the Tukwila Fire Department, and is a logistics section chief for the International Medical Surgical Response Team-West, and is a communications unit team leader for Health and Human Services, and has assisted with recovery efforts of Hurricanes Wilma, Rita, and Ike.  Matt talked about working with ARES teams in Galveston & Beaumont, TX to scout out repeater sites in those areas, and his experiences with disaster communications.  Matt has also been one of the principle drivers of the Tukwila D-Star system. International Medical Surgical Response Team-West

Tukwila Fire Department

October David Friedman-KE7GOY David Friedman-KE7GOY was our guest speaker.  David is a retired Radiologist and an Emergency Medicine Healthcare provider, with a degree in Emergency Management.  He is a Red Cross volunteer and worked the recovery efforts of Hurricanes Katrina and Rita.  David has also assisted with the wildfires in California, and flooding in Washington, & Oregon.  David talked about working and operating around flood waters and provided some insight as to what might be encountered should the Green River Valley become flooded this winter. King County Chapter of the
American Red Cross
September Various Club Members At our September 10th club meeting there was a presentation and general discussion session about the Howard Hansen Dam situation and the potential for flooding of the Green River Valley.  The presentation was based on a briefing to the King County Council, as well as. comments by club members who had attended a similar briefing at Green River Community College.  Additionally, a number of club members talked about their attended week long Integrated Emergency Management course in Emmitsburg, MD.  This exercise-based training activity places Emergency Operations Center (EOC) personnel under realistic crisis situations within a structured learning environment. Howard Hansen Dam

FEMA's IEMC Course

August Steve Hatch-WA7DAD Steve gave a demonstration and overview of the D-RATS software.  D-RATS is an application designed to provide data communication capabilities for users of D-STAR radios. It supports text chatting, file transfers, position reporting and mapping, and much more. D-RATS for DSTAR
July Frank McJunkins-K7RSD  Frank is the District 13 Communications Staff Officer for the auxiliary, and talked about what the Coast Guard Auxiliary is all about, and also talked about some of the communications projects that the auxiliary is working on the area. USCG District 13 Auxiliary Communications
June Ron Zuber Our guest speaker at our June 11th club meeting was Ron Zuber of the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA).  Ron is a disaster operations specialist and is in charge of HF radio operations for Region 10, which serves Alaska, Washington, Oregon, and Idaho, and headquartered out of Bothell, WA.  Ron gave an overview of FEMA's responsibilities and highlighted their HF radio equipment resources, and some of the upcoming upgrades that will be made in the near future.  Prior to his employment at FEMA, Ron worked at the King County Emergency Coordination Center in Renton. FEMA Region 10
May Dan Camp-AF7O Dan Camp-AF7O presented a video of the FO0AAA DX'pedition to Clipperton Island.  In addition to highlighting the ham radio operations from the island in 2000, the video also featured some of the history of the small atoll, as well as the critters that live on the island, and of the dark secrets of human residence.  The 2000 Clipperton Island DX'pedition netted over seventy-five thousand contacts.  We also completed our annual elections.  Clipperton Island DX'pedition
April Dan Camp-AF7O Dan talked about the benefits of using logging software to log both contest contacts & every day radio contacts.  He also detailed how to get started with ARRL's Logbook of the World, and the eQSL Web site. N3FLP Logging Software
Logbook of the World
March Dave Swartz-KC7RRH The program for our March 12th club meeting was discussions about a City of Federal Way grant opportunity, and how to increase the club's emergency preparedness by submitting applications to the City of Federal Way for this money.  
February Dave Swartz-KC7RRH The guest speaker at our February 12th club meeting was club's president, Dave Swartz-KC7RRH.  Dave talked about Bob Bruninga-WB4APR's Automatic Packet Reporting System (APRS) and highlighted on a presentation originally presented by George Hofmann-KU7U a number of years go.  APRS can carry tactical message traffic as well as station position indications.
January Mark Hgler-KK7U Mark is a professional network engineer specializing in both voice & data communications, and talked about his experiences with using the AllStar Link and his interfacing of analog repeaters to this system.  Mark is the president of the Puget Sound Repeater Group, and was recently elected to the position of secretary on the WWARA's board of directors. AllStar Link
Puget Sound Repeater Group
Western Washing Amateur Relay Association (WWARA)
December Bill Balzarini-KL7BB & Dave Swartz-KC7RRH Bill covered routine battery maintenance and "desulferizing" lead-acid batteries.  Additionally, Dave Swartz-KC7RRH highlighted some of the key talking points of the 2007 Global Amateur Radio Emergency Communications Conference. GAREC 2007
November Various We really didn't have a guest speaker at our November 13th club meeting.   We had a number of club members demonstrating various topics regarding amateur radio.  Bill Balzarini-KL7BB demonstrated the use of a grid-dip meter antenna traps.  Kris  Nelson-KE7LCX demo'ed his three element Super Antenna covering 6-20 meters.  Dan Camp-AF7O showed off his PSK-31 station, including his homebrew sound card interface box, and his portable 20 meter dipole antenna.  Steve Hatch-WA7DAD highlighted his D-Star radio along with his DV-Dongle.  Prior to these activities the club treasurer Mike McCoy-N7VWD presented the proposed 2009 budget to the membership in attendance.  
October Mark Weitzenhoffer-KC7FAA Mark Weitzenhoffer-KC7FAA checking in via Echolink and the club's 147.040 repeater.  Mark was the club's first president, and the driving force to get the Federal Way Amateur Radio Club designated as a 501(c)(3) not-for-profit organization with the IRS.  Mark and his wife, Beverly, live in Blue Mound, TX just north of Fort Worth. Mark & Bev's page
September Scott Honaker-N7SS
Steve Hatch-WA7DAD
Bill Balzarini-KL7BB
Scott Honaker-N7SS, Steve Hatch-WA7DAD, and Bill Balzarini-KL7BB.  Scott & Bill showed off the pictures that they took of the W1AW/KL7 special event operations from the arctic circle, the ARRL Alaska Amateur Radio Convention, and of the tour of the High frequency Active Auroral Research Program (HAARP) facility located at Galcona, AK.  The HAARP system consists of 180 HF antennas & transmitters over 35 acres,  The total radiated power capability is 3.6 Megawatts!  Steve highlighted his HAARP photos and thos of the ham radio conference. 2008 Alaska Hamfest
Arctic Circle Special Event Station
August Mario Badua-KD6ILO Mario provided an overview of the Amateur Television (ATV) repeater system that he has been building in Pierce County.  The overview highlighted the different components including the various transmitters, receivers, scan convertors, and internet linking between his sites, and California, as well as the Western Washington Amateur Television Society's Cougar Mountain repeater site. KD6ILO Web Site
ATV Network
July Bonnie Crystal-KQ6XA Bonnie talked about HF Automatic Link Establishment (ALE) presenting the same power point information she provided at the 2007 IARU Global Amateur Radio Emergency Communications conference.  Bonnie will be visiting with the club via SKYPE as she is currently in Hong Kong. HF Link ALE
June Dan Camp-AF7O Our guest speaker for our June 12th club meeting was the club's own Dan Camp-AF7O. Dan gave an overview of our upcoming Field Day 2008 activities that will be taking place at the Steel Lake Annex (near the soccer fields on the south side of 312th) during the weekend of June 28th-29th.  Dan also provided a demo of the logging software that we will be using to log all of our FD contacts. FWARC Field Day 2008

N3FJP Web Site
May Bob Preston-W7TSQ Bob talked about QSL cards - How to send them & how to receive them, as well as, what makes a good QSL card.  Bob has worked various countries such as Tonga, Costa Rica, the Cook Islands, and others. 7th Area QSL Bureau
April Alan Hughs-KB7SVU Alan is coordinating the radio communications for the upcoming Tall Ships Tacoma event that takes place on the Tacoma waterfront from July 3rd through July 8th, and provided an overview of role that ham radio will play during this event. Tacoma Tall Ships
March Dave Swartz-KC7RRH Dave provided overviews on a number of software programs with primary focus on using Airmail with the SV2AGW packet engine software.  
February John Holmquist-W7WAY John talked talked about and presented a power point presentation on electrical motors.  He has been inducted into the Oregon State University's Engineering Hall of Fame, and appointed by the IEEE as a Distinguished Lecturer.  John recently retired from Weyerhaeuser after 56 year of service, and managed over 100,000 motors.  John has received his ARRL Life Membership after over 50 years of membership. OSU College of Engineering
January Dr. Bonnie Dunbar-KD5DCB Dr. Dunbar is a technician class licensee and a former space shuttle astronaut.  As a NASA Mission Specialist, Dr. Dunbar is a veteran of five space shuttle flights and has logged over fifty days in space including serving as Payload Commander on two flights, and docking with the space station MIR.  Dr. Dunbar presented a power point presentation about NASA's space shuttle program and talked about her experiences of operating amateur radio from space. Dr. Dunbar's Biography

Boeing's Museum of Flight
December Mike Ford-KE7AYE Mike is a licensed electrician with Fuller Electric, and talked about emergency generators & transfer switches.  Mike will provided some insight on getting the right size generator and the right type of transfer switch, as well as touched on "Generator Do's & Don'ts." Fuller Electric
November None Scheduled We didn't have any guest speakers scheduled for our November 8th club meeting.  However, Mike-N7VWD, the club's Treasurer, presented the club's proposed budget for 2008.  The members in attendance approved the budget unanimously.  Additionally, Nick-N7QOR and Steve-WA7DAD talked about progress being made with the club's new D-Star repeater system.

Icom D-Star Web Page

October Nick Sutton-N7QOR Nick provided a quick overview of how digital voice is accomplished on a RF carrier, and also talked  about the club's new Icom D-Star repeater system. Icom D-Star Web Page
September Brian Daly-WB7OML
Western Washington Medical Services Team
Brian provided an overview of the Western Washington Medical Services Team.
August Art Jury - KF7GD Art is a returning guest speaker talking about Radio Direction Finding.  He also provided a short video of the six annual US National ARDF championships in Raleigh, NC in 2006.  Art also brought along his RDF equipment and hid a number of transmitters in the parking lot for club members to try to find.  The kids, big & small, had fun looking. Art Jury's T-hunt web page
K0OV Homin' In
July John Rader -
John talked briefly about the Winlink 2000 HF e-mail system, then talked in depth about various client software packages that interface with Winlink.  These included Hyperterminal, Paclink, and Airmail. Winlink 2000
Airmail 2000

John's PP Presentation
June Steve Hatch - WA7DAD Steve is the club's new president, and talked about some of his goals & objectives that he has for the upcoming year.  He also showed off one of ARRL's Go kits currently on loan to the FWARC for field day. Federal Way ARC
May Ed Bruette-N7NVP Ed is ARRL's Western Washington section manager, and the Washington State RACES officer.  Ed talked about the recent SHB-2335 activities, and presented a video produced by Mark Tharp-KB7HDX.  The video, on emergency management, was presented to the Washington State Emergency Managers Association (WSEMA) earlier in the year. ARRL WWA Section
April Jim Fenstermaker K9JF Jim is the ARRL's Northwest Division director and provided a PowerPoint presentation, giving a general overview of ARRL, and the four areas of which ARRL is concentrating to promote the league and amateur radio. ARRL NW Division
March Steve Gentry
South King Fire/Rescue
Captain Steve Gentry of the South King Fire & Rescue Department talked about some of the departments cool hazardous materials (Hazmat) detection toys and how area fire departments will respond to a hazmat incident in the Federal Way area. South King Fire & Rescue
February Mike Mertel-K7IR
SteppIR Antennas
Mike Mertel-K7IR, accompanied by his wife, Marla, provided a demonstration of his unique design of yagi antennas.  Mike's design uses stepper motors & copper tape to change the length of the antenna elements. SteppIR Antennas
January No Guest Speaker Due to inclement weather, the January 11th club meeting was cancelled for safety concerns.  By the way, this is the first time in club history that we have cancelled a club meeting.  
December No Guest Speaker Despite stormy weather conditions & the lack of electrical power, a small number of club members ventured out and celebrated the holiday season with punch & cookies, and a small gift exchange during the December's club meeting. Mike-N7VWD provided electrical power for lighting from the 120V AC outlet in the back of his pickup truck. Federal Way Amateur Radio Club
November Bob Belcher
Puget Sound Energy
Our guest speaker for our November 9th club meeting was Bob Belcher of Puget Sound Energy.  Provided a high voltage electrical safety demonstration.  Talking about "Shock & Awe", this was a very good demonstration on what the dangers of high voltage can be. Puget Sound Energy
October Ted Buehner
Seattle NOAA Office
Ted talked about how information is disseminated across the weather radio network, and touched on changes with the Emergency Alert System (EAS).
September Mike Dinkleman, N7WA Mike talked about DX and how to work a "Pile Up".  Mike is an avid DX'er, and a member of the Mike & Key and Western Washing DX Clubs. Mike & Key Radio Club
Western Washington DX Club
August Scott Honaker, N7SS Scott talked what the Pacific Northwest VHF Society is all about, and of the upcoming annual conference being held in Bellingham in September.  Scott talked about the other operating modes on UHF & VHF frequencies besides FM.  He also mentioned the advantages of operating from hilltops vs marine mobile while contesting. Pacific Northwest VHF Society
July Pete Petersen, WY7Z Pete Petersen wowed the crowd as he displayed some of the antique radios that he has restored over the years.  Pete talked about the Puget Sound Antique Radio Society, and their upcoming swap meet on August 20th.  Pete also mentioned the American Museum of Radio & Electricity located in Bellingham. Puget Antique Radio Society
American Museum of Radio & Electricity
June Ray Gross Ray Gross, the new Emergency Management Coordinator for the City of Federal Way provided some insight to some of his goals for his new job.
May South King Fire & Rescue A couple of firemen from South King Fire & Rescue were supposed to be our guest speaker, but were called out for a brush fire, & then an overturned boat on a local lake.  The topic was supposed to be Hazardous Materials.  Guest speaker & topic to be rescheduled.
April Bill Balzarini, KL7BB As our scheduled guest speaker couldn't make it to the April club meeting, Bill Balzarini-KL7BB provided an impromptu talk about various types of field day antennas.  
March Commander Andy Hwang Commander Hwang talked about personal safety, as well as the Federal Way Police Department's emergency response management.
February Medi Sadri Medi is the IT Systems Manager for the City of Federal Way, and Federal Way Wireless.  Medi talked about Federal Way Wireless, and what WiFi in the Federal Way area is all about.
January Dan Camp, KK7UZ Dan Camp-KK7UZ, was our guest speaker at our January 12th club meeting.  Dan provided a wonderful presentation into the different types of logging software as a lead into talking about the ARRL's Logbook  of the World.
December Lee Leddy Lee Leddy.  Lee recently spent two years with the Army's Criminal Investigation Division (CID) Personal Protective Service, with some of that time spent in Iraq.  Lee provided high level protection to civilian members of the US Department of Defense such as Secretary Rumsfeld during his visits to Iraq.  Lee Leddy is currently a Lieutenant with the Federal Way Police Department.
November Ward Silver, N0AX Ward provided a power point presentation of the recent K7C DXpedition to Kure Island.  Ward highlighted his new book, "Two-Way Radios & Scanners for Dummies", as well as his other book, "Ham Radio for Dummies".  Ward also provided information on the 2005 Frequency Measuring Test that will take place on November 16th.
Two-Way Radios & Scanners for Dummies
October Mike Mraz, N6MZ Mike talked about is participation in the FT5XO DXpedition to the Kerguelen Islands located between South Africa and Australia in the Indian Ocean in April 2005.  Mike also hit on the K7C DXpedition to Kure Island in the Hawaiian Island chain.
September Al Church
Connie Henke
Harry Hart
The Federal Way ARC had three guest speakers at the Sept 8th monthly club meeting.  Al Church, the Federal Way Fire Department Fire Chief, presented the club with a plaque.  Connie Henke, the chairperson for the Auburn Good Ol' Days, presented a donation to the club's president, Gary Bryan, and Harry Hart of Awarea Corp talked about RFID tags and of the projects that he is involved with in Pioneer Square and downtown Seattle.
August Greg Beeck, KD7IIQ FWARC's own Greg Beeck-KD7IIQ talked about the upcoming Federal Way Festival Days events that will take place during the weekend of August 26th through 28th.
 July Pam Bryan, N7PRS &
Art Kritzer
Pam Bryan-N7PRS, and Art Kritzer representing the Seafair Parade Marshals, were our guest speakers.  Pam & Art talked about the upcoming Seattle Seafair Tourchlight parade and other Seafair related parades.
June Alan Hughs, KB7SVU Alan Hughs, and the Pierce County ARES/RACES group presented the new Pierce County communications van, and provided training for the upcoming Tacoma Tallships event that will take place on the Tacoma waterfront from June 30th to July 5th, 2005.
May Alan Hughs, KB7SVU Alan provided information, and solicited for volunteers for the upcoming Tacoma Tallships event that will take place on the Tacoma waterfront from June 30th to July 5th, 2005.
April Ross Morris
Ross Morris is a technical manager for the Washington State Department of Transportation's (WSDOT) Commercial Vehicle Information Systems and Network (CVISN) Program, which includes their "Weigh In Motion" system.  Ross talked about how radio transceivers makes the Weigh In Motion system work.
March Rick Williamson
Budget Batteries
Rick Williamson talked about some of the different types of batteries, including how to  maintain them and keeping them charged up.
February Chris Hesseltine
Backroom Computer Service
Chris Hesseltine owns his own business in Auburn, WA called "Backroom Computer Services".  Chris works on computers that have been hit with a virus, spyware, or adware.  Chris talked about how to prevent viruses, spyware, and adware, and how to recover after catching one of these. Backroom Computer Service
January Ward Silver, N0AX Ward Silver, N0AX, talked about his new book, "Ham Radio For Dummies". Ham Radio For Dummies
December Ted Buehner
Ted Buehner talked about the Skywarn program in Western Washington.
November Greg Vause
Federal Way Police Dept
Greg Vause talked about the City of Federal Way's Community Emergency Response Team (CERT), and Neighborhood Emergency Team (NET) programs. CERT Program
NET Program
Federal Way Police Dept
October Dave Funk, WA7RSO Dave provided at talk about Amplitude Modulation (AM), and Frequency Modulation (FM) theory.
September Dan Humphery
ARRL OO Program
Dan talked about what the American Radio Relay League's (ARRL) Official Observer Program is all about.
August Greg Beeck, KD7IIQ FWARC's own Greg Beeck, KD7IIQ, talked about the upcoming Federal Way Festival Days events.
July Meteor Communications
May Nick Sutton
Icom America
Nick talked about Icom's new D-Star digital radio system.
January DaveFunk, WA7RSO FWARC's own Dave Funk, WA7RSO, talked about how to build and tune a J-Pole type antenna.